My Buzz

#SBS has helped to get me noticed by new customers. #SBS is a fabulous recommendation from a businessman who is respected and known worldwide.
The support and advice from other small businesses is invaluable and creates an incredible pool of resources.

My Bio

It took 2 years of blood, sweat, tears, and random parts to restore Daisy a classic 1972 ice cream van. She works as a private hire vehicle for weddings, events, fetes and festivals. Daisy is dressed in vintage style bunting and fresh flowers, fully stocked with handmade luxury ice creams and sorbets together with retro ice lollies, sweets, soft drinks and hot chocolate. Daisy is the prettiest ice cream van you will ever see.

My Business Tips

Do it! Have the courage of your convictions, research every element of your idea, your business, your customers, listen to others, listen to your customers. Give the best customer service you possibly can, word of mouth is the best way to attract customers and grow your business. Be focused never let the knock backs actually knock you back, no matter how catastrophic they might feel and always believe in yourself.

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