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About Me - Nicki Gunn CRAFT TEACHER
I am a trained teacher with many years experience of inspiring young and old to embrace learning something new. I have crafted all my life and studied Art at University focusing on textiles. Inspired by young and old; I named my business after my late Grandma.
Where did it all begin?
Having worked for many years in high pressure roles in 2018 I did a sweep round my house collecting all the unfinished craft projects I had really enjoyed starting but had never found the time to complete and made the life changing decision to start my dream business. Life can become so fast paced we forget to take time to focus on the things we most enjoy; like creating beautiful things with our hands.

January 2019
I started teaching 60 minute WORKSHOPS locally including all my favourite crafts. The aim being to teach people that by setting aside a little dedicated time with the right guidance they can succeed at a new craft and complete a beautiful project they can be proud of.

September 2019
Workshops were in demand and I was now delivering two evening classes a week; visiting a host of daytime venues and offering private CRAFT PARTIES and corporate crafting.

January 2020
On the verge of a pandemic I launched Daisy's 60 Minute Craft Kits - Project of the Month. Many of my clients had requested access to my projects in this way and it felt like the right time. I wanted to ensure that I was still on hand to guide clients so provided a monthly live broadcast to accompany each kit so that they could interact with me and get the very best from their kits.

March 2020
Lockdown for Covid19 began and it was important for me to keep everyone crafting. It is such a mindful activity and I knew it would help me through the coming months so I wanted it to help others too. Daisy's Craft Members Club was born providing clients with the opportunity to learn a new craft every month making the most of their very own craft stash!

April 2020
Workshops were moved online to keep everyone safe and to keep crafting.

Daisy's 60 Minute Crafts can teach you to craft through a Face to Face Workshop, Online Workshop, the Members Club or through quality Craft Kits.
You decide how you prefer to learn or simply try all options.

My Bio

Teacher - Headteacher - Senior Leader for Local Authority - Turned Entrepreneur!

My Business Tips

Never stop learning and keep moving forward
Keep believing in what your dreams and you'll blow your mind with your achievements
Approach everything with a CAN DO attitude there is always a way

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