My Buzz

From the second Theo Paphitis retweeted my tweet my phone has been beeping with notifications non stop. Between the retweet & me finding out Theo had retweeted me I had 36 notifications!
I have gained almost 100 new followers so far & have made several connections which hopefully will turn into business leads, and in turn convert to confirmed business

My Bio

I set up Decor Angels as a solution to not being able to find work as a decorator after qualifying at City & Guilds level. I spent a year working for myself under my own name 'Laura Taylor' before finding demand was too high for me to keep up working by myself. I took on 2 other female decorators & Decor Angels was born.
After working hard building our brand, building a website from scratch, getting a web presence & delivering almost 10000 leaflets on foot we are going from strength to strength.
We are gaining a reputation as a reliable, trustworthy & reputable company with high standards & competative prices.
We have the unique selling point of being an all female team but we are much more than that. We believe it is more than a house we are working on, its a home. With this philosophy in mind all our work is completed with love & the utmost importance as, after all, an English mans (or womans!) home is his (or her) castle.

My Business Tips

Work hard & work smart.

See everything as an opportunity. I create opportunities for myself such as, if im going doing my shopping, I do so in local shops whilst wearing my Decor Angels work wear. I engage local businesses & ensure we are constantly building relationships.

Dont give up.

I have spent 3 years on my business so far and received my first 'wage' last month.... to me it felt like I had won the lottery.
Celebrate every achievement. If you dont you will lose focus & become disheartened.

Believe in yourself.

I have always lacked the confidence in my skills but as I have built my business I have also built my confidence. Every project I complete gives me a little boost & reminds me that I have worked hard to get where I am.

Know your stuff.

I have lost count of the times a customer has asked for my advice or asked why something is done in a certain way, & when I have given them a detailed response of the science behind the job, they have turned to me and said they had asked several other decorators the same and not received such a response. If you an instill confidence in your customer and show that you havent just woken up one day and decided this is your new job, you have won the business.

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