My Buzz

Tell us how #SBS has affected your business

An immediate positive stimulus to our profile at Top Drawer 2013 and a substantial overnight increase in our twitter following.

My Bio

My background is primarily as a textile designer for fashion, as well as designing for different parts of the industry including Home.

I founded Decorque as a family business to showcase my designs and develop a range of homeware products. Today, more than ever, the fashion industry, with its colour and theme predictions, influences our interiors and what we buy for the home. I would like to think that my designs bring that relationship even closer with a fashion edge to our home accessories and interiors.

My Business Tips

Remain focused to your vision and goals, but retain flexibility in adapting to your market and customer needs.
(e.g. our business was conceived initially as an online model, but meeting the customer face-to-face at trade shows and events is probably proving the best way to win customers and grow the brand).

On the design side, maintain your originality whilst conforming to changing trends and tastes.

My Latest Offers

Come to a Christmas Evening Fair (5.30 - 9.30) on 3 Dec at the Oxford Hotel (OX2 8AL) to get 10-15% discount on the Decorque range.

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