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Absolutely delighted to win Small Business Sunday and become part of this fascinating business community. We are really humbled to be chosen after only 3 attempts. We hope to make use of the platform to the best of our ability and will keep our page updated with any new Drone related services and products.

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DJM Aerial Solutions were formed off from the slump in the oil and gas industry. We are primarily industrial engineers with a passion for new technology and discovered a gap in the market for unmanned inspection and survey requirements.
For over 20 years our MD has witnessed the struggle both on and offshore around the requirement for improved safer inspection techniques. Most of which were visual inspection to satisfy classification bodies and insurance providers on a routine basis.
Our passion for technology lead us to believe that we could improve both safety statistics and budget spend using Survey grade drone technology essentially as an extension of our own capabilities. The reduction in outage periods is enough to justify our business model. But the technology continues to grow and we can now offer not only inspection and survey of assets but are have the capability to provide Internal Tank inspections and confined space survey both thermal and standard data sets.
We are also able to offer geospatial survey techniques around topographical survey, 3D Imagery, Point Cloud, Volumetric analysis, Digital Surface models and Orthorectified Imagery all to within 2cm accuracy.
Our past history as engineers in the field has given us the credentials to understand the client requirements, the terminology and infrastructure around site is our second language and we are able to speak the language of project engineers and site managers.
Our passion for the creative and ability behind the camera is a fantastic combination to capture useable high-quality data whether it is for external thermography or for promotional footage. DJM Aerial Solutions are able to offer the entire package.

My Business Tips

I'd certainly state that if you are willing to put in the hard effort and hours to get the business off the ground in the early stages and can learn LEAN strategies and business development techniques, if you have the passion and the knowledge of your product or service to be able to drive it through the difficult times to the best of your ability, then you will reap the rewards further down the line.

You get out what you put in.

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