My Buzz

Less than 24 hours after winning and it's been a roller coaster! I'm expecting great things and fun things in the future. Will keep you posted :)

My Bio

I was happily working in a Sheffield based architectural practice, but with the financial climate being so unstable and the construction industry being hit quite hard, there was the inevitable talk of redundancies. Although I felt quite safe in my position, I really did not want anyone else deciding my future so decided to take massive action and setup my own practice. This basically consisted of many late nights over the following two months designing my own website, designing my logo, business cards, flyers, researching advertising avenues and general marketing. Suffice to say the long hours appeared to pay because within six weeks of launching my little architectural practice I had work coming in and I felt confident enough to leave my secure job, great pension, flexi time and great holiday package. I don't regret it one single bit, I love my job and working for myself.

I decided to specialise solely in residential architecture because it's what I enjoy and this has really allowed me to focus on my target audience rather than trying to cast my net too far.

We provide complete residential and domestic architectural services in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, covering design, planning permission, building regulations, project management, tendering and are always happy to give some free advice.

My Business Tips

Believe in yourself, work hard and fight to stay committed.

I am a huge believer in the saying 'You make your own luck'… From experience of both sides of the coin, I know this to be so true.

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