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#sbs has introduced us to a new extended family of potential customers, suppliers and business contacts. Invaluable to say the least.

My Bio

Doolittle's Dispensary was formed in 2012 by veterinary surgeon, Christopher Wright and his animal loving partner Ryan Lewis.

With over 10 years experience working in private veterinary practice, we recognised the growing trend of online retail for pet related products. We wanted to do things differently though; not just sell products, but offer added value. Prevent the preventable and improve animal health and welfare. Our monthly health care plans formed the basis of our company initially but as we've grown we've added lots of hand picked pet products, pet meds and pet foods.

As we grow and expand, we look forward to being able to offer new and exciting products and services.

My Business Tips

Following your dream is hard work so don't give up if it doesn't happen overnight. It very rarely does.

Always think about what you're doing from a customer perspective.

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