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A design company specialising in the intelligent use of illustration to bring your branding and message to the next level.

Lemon jelly bring together 20 years of experience in the design and illustration industry, our aim is to help our clients with that knowledge, giving them a unique brand experience. In a world full of stock imagery and similar looking designs and brands, isn’t it time to stand out from the crowd?

My Bio

Lemon Jelly was set up by Tris Rossin to consolidate twenty years experience in Illustration and design. Originally from a classic art background, Tris cut his teeth in the illustration market with those little known tools called pen and paper, back in the days when computers had 16 colours and where the size of a fridge.

Since then Lemon Jelly has developed into a variety of markets which includes: branding, print, web design, social networking, copy writing, user interface design, children’s books, education resources, info-graphics and game/app design. We also cater for a wide range of client and project sizes, from international companies like DPD and Interlink to micro projects like logo and icon design.

In a nutshell, we cover it all… and yes, we love lemon jelly.

My Business Tips

Social, social all the way. engage with people online. It's not just for fun, it's an integral part of business today. A good 70% of all new work comes through Twitter and Facebook for me. Stick with it and build a following.

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