My Buzz

Downton Distillery is a micro distillery based in Downton Wiltshire. Normally we produce a Contemporary London Dry gin called Explorer's Gin. But 2020 has not been a normal year for any of us. As the pandemic appeared, we quickly switched to hand sanitiser and have been ensuring local communities within Wiltshire and London have been able to source it without paying over the odds. This was provided to NHS, Police Forces, Royal Mail, Schools, Care Homes, and local businesses. Distribution points were run by a wonderful group of volunteers who dispensed the stock twice a week, they also took it those those shielding.
As normality returns we continue to provide hand sanitiser but also look towards a new dawn with new opportunities.

My Bio

Downton Distillery was born out of a passion and desire to produce a gin of quality that celebrated the spirit of adventure and exploration.

I am now the cleaner, driver, packer, bottler, coffee maker, fixer, distiller and IT guru but I have the best job in the world and get to meet new wonderful people on a daily basis.

My Business Tips

Do your research & have a clear plan / Build meaningful relationships with customers & others in your sector / Set small goals & milestones to watch your progress / Find a good mentor who you can learn from / Do something you love & enjoy (I learnt late) & practice / hone the skills / Everything is subjective, someone is always going to disagree, don't give up / Be prepared to put those hours in to make it work.

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