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This site is dedicated to the pleasure of driving, and is intended to provide a single point of reference for those like minded people who enjoy Motorsport, driving and touring in the UK or who may wish to venture further afield in search of the best driving roads, or the most exciting car tours on offer today.

If you are looking for F1 coverage, European or continental car tours, or just great roads and stunning scenery in the UK or Europe, we hope you will find what you are looking for here.

It doesn’t matter if you own a modern, classic or vintage car, a family saloon or a sports car; we aim to point you in the right direction to enable you to enjoy your leisure motoring to the full. We hope that you will give us your feedback on any great roads or great tours that you experience, so that we can share it with other driving enthusiasts.

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Be genuine in everything that you do, build trust with those you deal with, and do what you enjoy. Take the time and effort to do all things well.

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