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We are just finding out how #SBS is going to affect our business. We are really excited to be part of this business community, and are looking forward to interacting with other like minded businesses.

My Bio

We started Dry Like Me back in 2008, when we realised there was a gap in the market for innovation in potty training, precipitated by our own struggles in potty training our own children. Dry Like Me was born, and together we worked on applying for patents, funding and finding a manufacturer. We launched to the market via the supermarket chains in 2011, and have been focused on growing our listings ever since. 2014 is about increasing our sales, and expanding beyond the UK shores.

Dry Like Me potty training pads are designed to accelerate potty training and help bridge the gap between nappies and pants. Potty training is starting later and lasting longer, thanks to ever more absorbent nappies, and our goal is to help parents reverse this trend.

We met while on maternity leave, having both worked previously in the energy industry, and had a common goal of starting our own business when this idea literally landed in our laps. We are passionate about our business, however we love our family more; and one of the challenges is working out how to successfully juggle both while the family dynamic constantly changes around us.

My Business Tips

Every no is a step closer to a yes.
The best solution is not always the perfect solution, but it might take you closer to your goal.
Everything takes twice as long (and more) than you usually expect and costs twice as much as you originally forecast.
There is no substitution for blood sweat and tears.
Make work your passion, but family your raison d'être.

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