My Buzz

#SBS has affected Duckydora by helping our business to create a buzz around our brand. We are a small family owned business offering ethical, British designed and produced goods, so we really appreciate the the buzz which #SBS helps to create.

My Bio

Duckydora is a family online home ware retail business which has been offering unique, ethical products for two years. Prior to this I worked as an Accountant within the Finance world of large organisations. This experience has proved invaluable in setting up and running Duckydora, as they say "cash is king" and you realise how true that is when you are starting your own business!

My Business Tips

Spend a lot of time planning and researching your market and products
Don't accept anything at face value
Accept that some mistakes are inevitable when you're starting up a business and don't beat yourself up too much when you make them!

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