My Buzz

We create children's storybooks and resources that nurture self-awareness and imagination in little learners. Nurseries and childminders give our Memory Box Collection storybooks to children as gifts throughout the year and enjoy using our resources in their childcare setting.

My Bio

I am Stacey and I am the founder of Early Years Story Box. I am also a former teacher and a mama to 2 beautiful bambinos. I have a degree in French, Spanish and Linguistics and have taught languages to children from 3 to 18 years old. I always knew that I wanted my own business and after the birth of my first child, I got the idea to write and illustrate storybooks (randomly nothing to do with languages, although I do have another business in the pipeline that is!) I created my first book when my little girl was just 4 months old and painted the illustrations in my front room with her attached to me in a sling. Since then, I have not only created another perfect little human, but also another 15 books and a memory box that are known as The Memory Box Collection. I have also launched a membership site for nurseries and childminders full of printable early years resources, digital storybooks and training material.

My Business Tips

1) Do things for the right reasons, always

2) When launching a product test it in the most lean way that you possibly can before investing lots of money

3) Get to know your customer and the problem that you are solving

4) Things don't have to be perfect before you launch. If you wait for perfection, you will never get started (being the biggest perfectionist out there I have had to force myself to follow this!)

5) Go with the flow of your passion

6) Listen to your gut as it is rarely wrong. However, be careful to know the difference between fear and instinct - there is a fine line!

7) Feel the fear and do it anyway!

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