My Buzz

Winning #SBS came as a big surprise, as I'd only entered once - it also came on the day our marketing manager was leaving, so it's going to give me a big push to crack on with the marketing jobs that I previously would have got her involved in sorting out. I'm looking forward to it!

We have a lot of product development going on at the moment, so the extra publicity is very welcome at a key time for our business.

My Bio

Christine McRitchie is the Director of Earthwise Trading Limited, which owns the Wonderoos brand of reusable nappies for babies. Wonderoos created the worlds first "one size fits most" reusable nappy back in 2002, and Earthwise Trading Ltd acquired the brand in 2013. Since then, the product range has been developed to include the Real Easy nappy, and both nappies have secured success in the baby press, taking the Gold and Silver awards for Best Reusable Nappy from Prima Baby in 2016, among others. The nappies are sold on our own online store, as well as through stockists and retailers in the UK and in Europe.

The story began back in 2004 when Christine discovered that the website she bought her washable nappies from, Plush Pants, was closing down. She spotted an opportunity and bought the business, initially running it from home around her 4 small children. As the family grew up, it was possible to grow the business, and two new websites were created and added to the portfolio - Terry Nappies, and Earthwise Girls (specialising in reusable menstrual products). The Wonderoos brand was acquired in 2013. It is very much a family business, with husband Iain being a co-director, and the children having played their roles as product testers in the early days, are now teaching us all the tricks they know about social media.

My Business Tips

Always be open to opportunity! When I bought my first business in 2004, I was a stay at home mum with 4 small children, who received an e-mail about a closing down sale. Instead of buying up cheap nappies, I got in touch with the owner and bought the whole business instead. Over the years I've acquired a competitor, and a brand to manufacture, and it's all come about from being open minded and being able to spot where an opportunity might take me.

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