My Buzz

Even before we became #SBS winners, we found the weekly Tweet-fest that is Small Business Sunday to be a great way to shout about our business in front of our target audience, and to also see the tweets of fellow businesses - many of whom have become firm Twitter friends.

Winning #SBS was an awesome experience, the first I knew of it was that Theo had started following us on Twitter, and the Theo ReTweet drove tons of traffic to our website.

Even having won #SBS we continue to tweet as often as we can, and have full admiration for Theo's untiring dilligence in hosting this fine competition. #SBS is a fine institution for any UK Small Business!

My Bio

I'm the Director and also Lead Developer of small business software. Chief cook and bottle washer if you like...

I've been writing software for 31 years now, and starting and running small business for a similar amount of time. Though I've worked for all kinds of companies from small private companies to large blue chip multi-nationals, I don't think you can beat the challenge and fire of running your own business and couldn't think of a more rewarding (and challenging) way to spend a career.

My passion is for small business and software development, and as such I don't just write Easify small business software, I use it every day.

My Business Tips

1. Be tight. Don't spend more than you need to (ever).
2. Don't buy Snake Oil. Don't believe everything a sales person tells you, and trust your gut feeling when faced with buying goods or services.
3. Never give up. (ever) If something isn't working for you, change it. If it still doesn't work change it again. Rinse and repeat.
4. Have fun. Business success is a journey not a destination, make sure you enjoy it along the way.

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