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#SBS has affected business by raising awareness of our skill as metal fabricators

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Eastnor has always embraced the challenge presented by its creative customer base and our highly skilled workforce has produced stunning results time after time.

I have been fortunate in supplying samples and working models to many leaders in the field of architecture.
Having had work already displayed (and one of the first) at Royal Institute of British Architects, we were honoured with a 'RIBA' Downland award for a magnificent staircase, installed in a private dwelling as featured in our website.

Eastnor has many years in the automotive restoration arena which in fact formed the roots of the company in the late eighties with many commissions on important cars of there era, from Bugatti to Voisin, including a sculpture of a Marcel Renault car, including Himself and co driver as a full size 'in-motion' piece now sited locally beside a large private car collection.

Eastnor have invested heavily, not only in the skilled workforce, but also in machinery to compliment our knowledge in metalwork.
We are able and one of a very select group who can 'spray' hot metal or 'Thermal Hot Metal Spray' many surfaces and shapes both in house and on site.
We pride ourselves on the look of our work and can accommodate many finishes/colour and aging to this process (A trade secret of course)!!
We believe that we have the skills and knowledge for all your metalwork requirements.

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Be persistent and honest.

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