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Our 10th June 2012 #SBS win is a very pleasant and welcome surprise. We're currently enjoying all the complimentary tweets and feel very honoured to have been selected. Looking forward to seeing where this takes us....

My Bio

Eco Dog Company was founded in 2010. We had a vision that we could create a dog supplies business, retailing in solely eco friendly, sustainable and recycled products. Many British pet retailers, including those online have token subsections where some eco friendly supplies are available. We however, wanted to be more dedicated to 'being green'; all of which would be a new concept for the UK. As 'green living' conscious people ourselves, we thought that there must be other likeminded people, whom given the choice would be willing to purchase 'green' goods for their dogs. For us, being green is a way of life and not just a 'buzzword'.

We chose to name our business 'Eco Dog Company' as we that we felt it would need minimal interpretation. So, we're not 'Waggy Mutts' or 'Little Lime Puppies'. We're straight talking, no nonsense, does what it says on the tin, 'Eco Dog Company!' We certainly have a passion that drives us, that makes us wake up each day with the strong belief in our company and retailing quality eco friendly supplies for dogs.

My Business Tips

With the help of our 'Top Dog' Mollie Pop, we offer 'good old fashioned customer service'.....sadly, a rare thing these days.
All our products have the 'lick of approval' from our Mollie Pop and therefore we trust in all the products we retail and have full knowledge about them.
We carefully source our eco friendly dog products (no tat allowed!) and believe all dog owners can make a difference to reduce their dog's carbon paw print.
We work with passion because we have self belief in our small business - our ethos, our products.
We love making customers and their dogs happy....their happiness is our happiness.

My Latest Offers

10% off orders over £10.00. Visit and enter #sbsedc at checkout to receive your discount. Offer expires 30.06.12.

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