My Buzz

It has been one day so far and it has been a whirlwind! The followers, the kind mentions and the retweets. The exposure I have attained means so much as I have put in a tremendous amount of effort. And best of all, I get to tell my mum "that bloke off the tele' picked me to win a business award!"

My Bio

My name is James, a qualified electrician from the north-west. I woke up one day and decided I wanted to make a difference to people's lives, but on a larger scale. I used my passion for LED lighting I developed as an electrical contractor, combined with a little creativity and a dose of entrepreneurship to start a small business retailing energy saving products and renewable technologies. I am now fully dedicated to assisting households throughout the UK in reducing their energy bills and slashing their CO2 emissions. I have watched countless hours of youtube footage, learning how to utilise photoshop and developing my ability to edit css and html codes. I designed the eCommerce website, I market the products, I advise the customers and I do the networking side of the business on the various social networking sites.

My Business Tips

In terms of finally achieving #SBS success, I put myself in Theo's shoes. I imagined he wanted the small business to be relentless in their efforts, tweeting something unique, tweeting something creative and using the 140 character allowance to best describe the business.

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