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Wow it's been an amazing 24 hours since hearing about the #SBS! Since then I have had loads of really lovely and supportive tweets!

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Ella's Kitchen Company was started in 2004 by me, Katherina Saunders. I was inspired by a combination of wanting to draw from my Norwegian heritage, as well as by the thought of leaving a legacy for my children - in particular my daughter Ella, who was named after my Norwegian grandmother. It was my maternal grandmother who left me the original Norwegian Cabinet from her kitchen - something that I had seen and used throughout my childhood in Oslo.

When we moved to Shropshire in 2003 with our three young children, my beloved Norwegian Cabinet was the first thing to go up on the wall in my kitchen. I had always loved giving my children cooking lessons as part of life at home with 'mum', and so when I made the decision to start working again, it was a natural progression to give children's cookery classes in my own home.

This planted the seed that was to become Ellas Kitchen Company. I found that half the fun of these cooking lessons was the children queuing up to use the flour, sugar and spices from my Norwegian Cabinet. At the end of the cookery class they would beg me to convince their parents to have these kitchen cabinets in their own homes - and it made me think... why not start making them?

I have created something which is child-friendly, convenient, simple to use, mouse-proof and provides intelligent storage to help you organise your kitchen and home.
Every part of EKC is stamped with our logo, EKC is a trademarked and registered design.

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