My Buzz

Creating empowering Original Art with a Pop-Art feel to bring out your inner Super Hero!

Using layered painting techniques and utilising various materials, my paintings are fierce and empowering, yet promoting a sense of vulnerability, and are entirely exclusive due to the techniques used.

Prints can also be ordered for the budding Collector, as well as the option of a private Commissioned Project.

I welcome Businesses and Charities to contact me with reference to hiring/purchasing/gifting of work.

My Bio

A real-life Superhero … only I've mislaid my cape and I'm not sure of my Super Powers as yet!

What I do know, is that life is hard sometimes! So nurture your inner Hero. Be kind to yourself, take time for yourself, surround yourself with positive people and know that you are worthy and strong enough - you've got this!

Superheroes make us feel empowered. Strong. Fierce. As a mum of two beautiful boys, these paintings not only bring us common ground for fun discussion, they remind my children to be strong, and how important the Power of the Mind is.

All of my paintings are titled in such a way that when the viewer reads the title, it acts as a personal Affirmation.

When I'm not painting, I enjoy practising mindfulness, walking, running, seaside activities and sketching.

My Business Tips

* 'Early to bed early to rise, makes a man (woman, Superhero) healthy, wealthy and wise' Benjamin Franklin wasn't wrong with this wisdom! Getting up a couple of hours before the day officially starts to take time to be in the moment, plan for the day ahead and enhance focus on both main and micro goals is key to productivity!

* Journaling: At the end of each day, keeping a note of successes and failures is important, as well as being a great tool to celebrate micro goals and to combat procrastination!

* Talk! Being a chatterbox used to get me in to all sorts of bother … However, I have learned to flip it to my advantage and can usually have a constructive, creative chat with just about anybody! You never do know where that chat may lead or what you may learn …

* Read! No matter how confident you are in your business, there's always something new to learn and usually a more productive way of doing things!

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