My Buzz

Even before winning, #SBS had created a bond with a number of other businesses aspiring to join the family. Since winning it has already increase the profile of my business considerably, and over the coming weeks and months I hope to add many more benefits to my buzz.

My Bio

I am a Certified Professional Applicator of EnduroShield permanent protective coatings for glass, stainless steel and ceramics. I cover much of Warwickshire and adjacent areas. Typical applications are: automotive glass, windows, doors and mirrors, solar panels, showers, tiles & grout, ovens and food preparation surfaces. Benefits include protection of the look and integrity of surfaces whilst making cleaning up to 90% easier! This saves the customer both time and money.

My Business Tips

On top of the obligatory qualities of honesty and integrity, business owners need to think like their customers. After all, we are customers too, so think about how we want to be treated. Work hard to understand what our customers need: what causes them pain or happiness, and work to fill that need. How we fill the need is of course vitally important too: customer service begins and ends with the customer's experience, so we should make sure ALL our actions are focused on making that experience as good as we possibly can.

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