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Tell us how #SBS has affected your business

By winning the SBS award it has helped to increase our credibility. As well as giving confidence to our clients and potential investors that we are serious.

My Bio

Hi my name is Andrew I was born and raised in south east London my story began when one night I had a dream that the world was powered by only renewable energy. I then thought to myself why does not everyone have solar panels? After having that dream I began on my journey. I started off by getting involved with a community energy project called Brixton energy. I helped them to fund raising locally for solar panels on an estate in Brixton.

I then became involved with several community energy groups across London. I have learnt a lot by attending these groups as well as meeting people with the same passion as for renewable energy. I see that different groups use different methods to generate clean energy I also see that they was finding it time consuming to manage payments made by the community.

After some deep thought I came up with a solution that would not just help the community energy groups that I have joined but it will also encourage more communities to come together an become a community energy group there had to be a place that helps local investor connect with community energy groups, a place they can think of a community energy project and get investors and the community to invest in their community energy project. So my solution was Energy Donwell a crowd funding platform that will help local investors connect with community energy group projects and make payments easy via the crowd funding platform.

My Business Tips

As my father would say winners never quit and quitters never win. So make sure you work hard, and that you always aim to do things better then your competitions. As Theo Paphitis always says "make sure you do your homework."

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