My Buzz

I still cannot believe I was picked as a winner, the 48 hours following the announcement was mental, I had so many nice comments, it was a great boost for my business and me personally, thank you

My Bio

I created a product that resolved an issue that I had, little did I know it would go on to help young and disabled children. I struggled to hold my own daughter Matilda safely in the saddle whilst she learnt to ride, my body would be in different directions and bunching her clothes at her back was never safe enough should the pony spook or trip. So I created Equihandee. I love the fact my product can give children the confidence to ride safely. It also allows them to grow core strength and balance, it also does not interferr with their personal space. The icing on the cake has to be helping disabled children. If my product can give a child just 5 minutes in the saddle of pure enjoyment and watch them smile from ear to ear then all the hard work has been worth it

My Business Tips

Never give up, I have wanted to give so many time but I know I have a great product. Be cautious of people wanting to help your business for nothing. Google everything, ask questions and go with your gut instinct

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