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Dear Mr Hadcroft ...' began the first email that Theresa sent to Will after borrowing one of his books from the library.

From that began a dialogue between us that after self publishing one of Will's books, 'The Blueprint', we thought about publishing other people.

Using digital print and social media we launched FBS and started to attract authors and a small editorial team.

We have worked hard at producing top quality books that can stand up to any produced by much bigger publishing houses, and are pleased to say we are getting great reviews on sites such as Amazon and a couple of titles stocked in Waterstones.

To be recognised by Theo as a winner of Small Business Sunday is a great boost for us and very exciting to think that our business has been tweeted to so many other businesses and individuals.

My Bio

Theresa Cutts and Will Hadcroft formed FBS Publishing in 2013 after working together on one of Will's own books. From publishing Will's books, it was only a small step to taking the process to look at publishing other people.

Having gathered a small but enthusiastic editorial team together, that were prepared to be fuelled by enthusiasm rather than instant financial rewards, FBS Publishing was born.

The first book was 'Georgie Jones ... And you think your family is weird?' by Nicky Gregory. The catalogue soon grew and now includes 'Colin the Campervan' by Tim Bentinck, (better known as David Archer in The Archers,) and New York Times best seller G.P. Taylor. The latest book is an illustrated book for younger children, 'Rhino Wants a Wife' by Lucy Baker.

All the books are available worldwide via Amazon and all good bookstores, as well as signed copies via the FBS website.

With a passion for superior quality books, thought provoking topics and a sense of fun, Theresa and Will hope to continue to attract both high profile and newer authors to their business.

My Business Tips

It may seem an over used phrase, but if you believe in it enough, put the hard work in and find a little bit of luck, it can happen.

Be open-minded to the ideas of others, but don't let them tell you that you can't do it.

Just because your teachers said you were 'a bit slow' or 'too quiet', you don't have to believe that all your life.

Have fun and enjoy what you do, it will show!

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