My Buzz

Being an #SBS winner has given our business a real boost. It was wonderful to receive the recognition from Theo Paphitis and equally so, to be part of such a supportive and encouraging group of business owners.

My Bio

I started Fink Cards in 2008 as a simple but effective way to help children become confident communicators. Fink started as a fun game for families and has now turned into a publishing company that starts conversations at home, school, work - and even doctors surgeries.
We are never scared of starting difficult conversations and have recently worked with Brook, the leading sexual health charity to create conversation cards about sexual health and child sexual exploitation. This year we are also working with Child Bereavement UK to create conversations about loss and change.
Our publications also help business owners find the answers to issues such as conflict, building teams, enhancing peoples performance and running effective meetings.

My Business Tips

Be Passionate - Don't keep your passion and enthusiasm for your business to yourself, at every opportunity share the excitement about what you are doing.
Be Positive - Sometimes things just don't go as well as you hope, but moaning about them really doesn't make you feel any better. Surround yourself with positive people who understand the challenges you face and ask for support.

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