My Buzz

SBS was great for attracting new followers to our business, we got around 100 overnight. It was great to put the SBS badge to give us credibility and also network with other like minded businesses.

My Bio

I have always been passionate about developing people through football. I have been working in football for 14 years, with a UEFA B license. I started delivering for elderly groups and realised there was a need for exciting new activities in care homes.

So in Jan 2019, I started Fit-Baw and became fully booked within a couple of weeks. I started to bring in other coaches and we grew into where we are at today. Fit-Baw has delivered over 500 sessions to 30 homes in 9 different local authorities.

Our goal is to improve the health and well-being of our residents through the beautiful game. Our main assets are our coaches, who are passionate, patient, positive and have the right personality to deliver a unique football experience care homes have us in again and again!

My Business Tips

- Think about your purpose, why your business exists not just what you deliver or sell.

- Don't be afraid to try something or implement a new idea. Failure is part of the process, merely an experience to finding success.

- Always seek advice from others and be willing to listen.

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