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Promotional keyrings for any business.
We offer NO set up fees, FREE artwork and Fast delivery.

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Fobkeyrings are the modern day business card.  They can say literally anything - contact details, business information, QR codes, photographs, even promotional offers or as membership cards - and are always easily at hand, on a set of house keys or car keys or any other set of keyrings you can think of.  They are therefore always advertising someone or a business and enable the holder of the keys to have the vital information to hand.

Any individual business or charity can benefit from using Fobkeyrings and can have their individual logo incorporated into a fob design and therefore have a fob created specifically for them.  Thousands of different businesses to date have ordered fobs from estate agents to dog walkers to locksmiths to gardeners.

Fobkeyrings was founded in 2014 by me, Mark.  I have a product design and a graphic design background and prior to 2014 I had struggled for five years to find a niche market to use these skills effectively. When the idea of fobs took off everything else took a back seat and Fobkeyrings was born.  Fobkeyrings began with just me promoting, designing and printing but fast forward ten years and I now have small team working with me and together we have changed the product to a better designed, better looking and more robust product and something we are all proud of.

If you are interested in fobs please order a sample pack by emailing us at or visiting our website and filling out the request form.

My Latest Offers

Order your free sample pack by visiting our website and filling in the request form or by sending an email to

The prices for our fobs are below -

x 100 Fob Keyrings £49.99 + VAT (+ £4.95 P&P)
x 250 Fob Keyrings £105.99 + VAT (+ £5.95 P&P)
x 500 Fob Keyrings £155.99 + VAT (+ £6.95 P&P) - Most Popular
x 1000 Fob Keyrings £255.99 + VAT (+ £7.95 P&P)
x 2000 Fob Keyrings £439.99 + VAT(+ £9.95 P&P)

We also supply metal rings, which are an additional cost.