My Buzz

Hello and welcome to our small business!

For those of you that don't know me personally, I'm Stacey, the face behind the fox. Together with my husband and business partner, Jamie, I run Fox Under The Moon, where we encourage positivity and self love through words and pictures.

I am passionate about the natural world, and as you'll see from my little illustrations; wildlife, woodlands and magical night skies inspire everything I create.

My 'Fox Under The Moon' artwork series is for all ages. It is inspired by the simplicity of everyday life, and the complicated emotions that go with it. Through my artwork you will meet an anxious, but inquisitive fox and the wise old moon. The two become friends, and I hope that their warm and whimsical world can bring some encouragement and love to yours.

​Fox Under The Moon started as a project for me while I was out of work during the 2021 winter lockdown. I wanted to put some hope and positivity out into the world, and so I began sharing my whimsical illustrations and uplifting messages on social media. My wonderful online community of followers has now grown to more than 70,000 people; and my books, prints and cards have reached more than 20 countries around the globe.

For much of the year, my studio is a 23ft, 1998 Elddis touring caravan that I share with my husband and business partner Jamie, and our naughty little border-collie, Pixie.

Following our own challenges with stress and mental wellbeing; we sold our house in 2018, and left our teaching jobs in search of a new, simpler way of life - doing the things we love. It's fair to say we found it, and we are now delighted to be running our small business together, travelling the UK, and taking time for us as we do it.

I'm so happy to share with you my collection words and illustrations, designed to encourage positivity and self-love. My books, art prints, greetings cards and gifts are suitable for all occasions, or just to show someone you care. Find them in my online shop over at

My Bio

The past few years have been a total rollercoaster ride for both myself and my husband.  We are both qualified primary school teachers, but in 2018, we drastically changed our lives, when we quit our career jobs, sold our house along with most of our possessions, and moved into a 23ft touring caravan in Wales.  We'd felt unfulfilled in our former professional roles, along with a longing to live life more freely.  We'd lost a couple of friends to illness, which really made us question the value of time and how we chose to spend it.

Suddenly, we found ourselves with time to think, time to explore ideas and time to travel.  We visited motorcycled around South-East Asia, hiked in the mountains of South Africa, saw spectacular scenery in the USA, and rock climbed in Andalucia, Spain.  Although we were working in low-pay jobs, the lack out outgoings meant that we found more money in our pockets than ever before.  This, coupled with the proceeds of the house sale which we re-invested, meant that we felt more financially secure than we had in years.

However, it was the winter lockdown that gave birth to 'Fox Under The Moon'.  In an attempt to spread some happiness and joy, I shared some watercolour images that I had painted, which took off on social media.  These then became greeting cards, which became a book.  After 6-months or so, I switched to illustrating digitally and bought an iPad Pro - a huge investment for us at the time.

Today, Fox Under The Moon has its own line of stationery, books, cards and other gifts, but has continued to retain its essence of 'promoting positivity and self-love through words and pictures'.  Many of our customers find comfort in our products, as they share similar experiences of grief, love, loss and others.  The human-life experience is one of marked, complicated emotions, and Fox Under The Moon is there for people to bring comfort in their time of need.

My Business Tips

Being in such a new business, I don't feel particularly well-placed to offer advice in this area, though I would urge anyone who is thinking of starting a business to seek advice from an accountant from the very beginning.  Getting your business set up correctly from Day 1 is enormously beneficial, and an accountant can help you to do that.

My Latest Offers

I'm enormously proud of 'To The Moon & Back Book' - my second picture book for all ages, which follows on from 'Fox Under The Moon'.  It's a collection of words and pictures designed to bring the reader comfort and reflection.  Whilst many people mistake my books as children's books at first glance, they were created with adults in mind, but are written in accessible language so that younger readers can enjoy them too.

However, the reader's life experiences will determine how they will infer the words in the book.  Those who have recently lost a loved one will find the words stirring up memories of that person, whereas a younger read may not have yet had to deal with those emotions within their human experience.  Within my work, many themes are covered, including grief, loss, love, illness and others.