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Fraser Balgowan is an emerging vibrant British luxury brand that connects place, time and knowledge; a brand that makes Scottish excellence relevant and desirable for today’s discerning client.

Based in the Highlands of Scotland, Fraser Balgowan creates bags and accessories for the 21st century that are inspired by the landscape, people and traditions of Scotland. They are handmade with wild Scottish red deer hide and Scottish tweeds by Scottish craftsmen and women with a strong heritage and unrivalled skills.

Launched in 2011, Fraser Balgowan is run by husband and wife, Ewan and Fiona Fraser and has already enjoyed significant international success.

As deerstalker and designer, they have created pieces that are…
...Inspired by the deerstalker, the weaver and the shepherd; living and working in the wild, rugged lands of ancient clans and castles; Fraser Balgowan celebrates the heritage and craftsmanship of the vibrant and breathtakingly beautiful place that is Scotland.
...Authentic; all the materials used originate in Scotland and relate to the work of the people throughout generations
...Unique; every deer hide has unique qualities, therefore every piece is individual
...Sustainable, with virtually no waste and a low carbon footprint
...Exclusive and limited edition; no other label is creating luxury pieces with Scotland’s iconic wild Scottish red deer hide and sporting tweeds. Due to the nature of the materials, production of the hide pieces is limited by season and a very select number of outlets worldwide will retail this Collection.

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Believe in yourself and your product or service
Always strive for excellence
Surround yourself with strong and experienced advisors and staff
Don't believe the hype - it's sales that matter!

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