My Buzz

Hi I'm Helen Cousins and I am Professional Organiser and Declutter Consultant based in Winchester, Hampshire.

I help people who feel that the lack of organisation or sheer amount of clutter in their homes is getting in the way of how they want to live their lives.

I help my clients to create more time, energy and space in their homes and lives by eliminating clutter once and for all. Together we put in place simple to manage organisational systems, leaving the client with clarity and freedom to start focussing on the fun or important stuff in life.

I can help you create calm from chaos, let go of items that no longer serve you and allocate a home for everything in your house.

My Bio

In my previous careers I've been an Events Organiser, a Sailor and a Retailer. I'm now a Mum and Business Owner and the common theme that has been a link througout is Organisation, Organisation and Organisation.

I started my business after helping a friend to move house. I left her new home feeling exhilarated and really pleased with what we had achieved that day. I'd always loved organising and I joked that I wished I could help people to tidy their houses for a living. So I started my business and I did just that!

I'm now extremely proud to call myself a Professional Organiser and Declutter Consultant, I am an active member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers - APDO and am thrilled to be an #SBSWinner.

Looking back over the years, I remember all the times I've helped friends to tidy up and declutter. I have always enjoyed reclaiming spaces and organising, so I'm thrilled to have found my calling and to be able to help people make a difference in their homes and lives.

My Business Tips

Be yourself

Follow your gut

Don't be afraid to turn down the wrong type of work

You can't do it all on your own, so surround yourself with a good team

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