My Buzz

Being one of the winners was a big confidence boost to us, knowing that Theo, who is held in high regard, believes in the idea of our business is fantastic.

The congratulatory tweets we received were amazing too, so many lovely well wishers!

My Bio

I am a busy working parent, as is alot of the population, working in an office for most of my working life. Two things struck me quite regularly in my day to day life a) It's a shame they don't have access to fruit at work without having to go out or bring it with you and b) I really didn't want to go food shopping on a weekly basis when I could be doing something far more interesting! So Fruit 2 You was born 10 months ago in May 2012, delivering fruit and/or vegetable boxes to homes and businesses in and around the Greater Manchester area.

One aspect of the business is we try and encourage business owners to buy boxes of fruit for their staff to share, the benefits are great compared to the cost to the business, people are far more likely to eat a piece of fruit if it's within arm's reach. The other side of the business is delivering boxes of fresh produce to homes, helping busy people eat fresh food without having to do a weekly shop, saving them time and money. Quite often people will go into a supermarket for some fruit and veg and come out with a truck load of shopping and an empty pocket.

The business is run on a daily basis by Mike Brown, who will do his utmost to ensure excellent customer service come rain, snow, floods, hurricanes...

My Business Tips

In a small business, a good sales person is crucial.

Don't discount social media, it may be quite new in the grand scheme of things but it's an extremely useful tool.

Customer satisfaction is priority.

Always listen to Theo Paphitis... ;-)

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