My Buzz

Welcome to the world of Fs Design, the place to go if you need a unique handcrafted gift. I love wood and I’m on a mission to help people move away from mass produced glued together cheese/serving boards and start using sustainably sourced handcrafted ones.
I would also like to show people that functional art pieces can enrich their homes with a pop of colour as well as being fully useable.

My Bio

Hi, I’m Fiona a resin artist with a twist from Ireland. I handcraft wooden artisan style cheese boards and tea light holders which I then apply resin flow art. As this is a flow art, no two can ever be same, meaning a totally unique gift. Also a range of functional art pieces such as trays and pieces for the wall.

My Business Tips

Never give up whatever life throws at you. I have been involved with crafts for nearly 20 years. You have to constantly evolve and develop your skills. Everyday is a learning day!

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