My Buzz

Since the #SBS retweet, my amount of followers has increased massively and have received lots of kind comments about my website. The following day has resulted in some intial design enquiries already. Very happy... and busy!

My Bio

Full Fat Designs was founded by two graphic designers from Leicester who share the same passion for great functional design. With over 25 years combined experience in graphic design and more recently in website design and video effects, Full Fat Designs can meet and exceed your creative requirements for your project.

High standards, creativity and passion are applied to all projects taken by Full Fat Designs who live by one rule, there should be no half measures. Graphic design and website design are what make us happy, particularly when we can apply our skills to your product or brand and watch them grow.

My Business Tips

Honesty is my biggest tip. To some this may seem weak and not business like, but I am in this career for the long haul, and aim to deliver creative design that fulfill your brief and helps your business, without any sneaky tactics. Working hard and believing in what you do are also pointers I live by.

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