My Buzz

28th June 2012: I've launched a new online magazine for Micro Business Owners called the Micro Business Hub.

11th June: I've just been interviewed by Paul Boniface on about my #SBS win - another great opportunity being chosen by Theo has offered me.

Since winning #sbs on Sunday 14th May I've had an article in my local paper and online at This Is Plymouth, I've had my first radio appearance on Good Morning Plymouth with @SparksyOnRadio, increased my followers and seen a significant increase in website hits. Just brilliant!

My Bio

I'm a freelance copywriter and blogger who's on a mission to help the owners of micro businesses get their words right. After all, you want to ensure your marketing and promotional talk does justice to your products and services!

I'm the editor at the Micro Business Hub, a new venture with Jo Waltham @MagentaSkyUK. We're creating an online magazine, business directory and membership community for busy micro business owners who want to surround themselves with quality content to stay inspired. Visit us at and download the pre-launch eBook.

I've also written a free guide to help business owners who write their own copy do it better. You can find out more and download it here:

My Business Tips

1. Don't screw up your words! Instead invest the time (or money) to nail them.
2. Follow your instincts - they are always right.
3. Don't make mistakes - instead make errors you can learn from and avoid in the future.
4. Believe it's possible - and allow your intuition to seek out the way to make it happen.
5. Network for contacts and relationships instead of looking for the sale.
6. Love what you do - because your enthusiasm will be infectious.

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