My Buzz

I run a chocolate making workshop where both children, adults or even both together are able to make their own chocolate treats to take home.
I started a fairly basic workshop for children in 2013, however it’s growing into workshops catering for schools, community and special needs groups, the elderly, birthday, hen and ladies events.

I only supply Belgian chocolate and quality ingredients at all events and as I pride myself on customer service the feedback is always very good from every event or party I run as I not only ensure the customers needs are met before an event, but also during and after it also.

My ultimate goal at each event is to ensure everyone has a good experience and even if it’s a party for children, I’m always offering chocolate to the grown ups too, it’s not just for children.

I’ve been slowly building my business with a cocktail business I also own, so it’s sometimes nice to combine the two!

The way forward looks great as I’m planning a larger workshop with a cafe to suit all.

My Bio

I didn’t have a great upbringing and I even had a social worker due to my home life with my single parent mum, I have 2 brothers and anyone that knows me know I never hide our story, but to say I was underprivileged is an under statement. Even with the poorest and quite sad childhood I’ve not only claimed a normal life, but one with challenges and turns along the way.

I think my past makes me even more determined to strive for better and I love the fact I’m making a positive start for my own daughter, allowing her to see that a woman not only can have a decent job, but be her own boss and entrepreneurial also.

Since having my own business I’ve also done a few inspirational talks for teenagers and been asked along to chats for pupils for career days, I’m thrilled every time I’m asked to chat about where a job can lead.

My Business Tips

I don’t think I have any, but I think my friends and relatives would say differently, but I think the main thing is to be yourself, stay grounded and in control and keep yourself right by double and triple checking notes, times and the finer details, it all pays off.

Even on a day when I’m having a ‘bad day’ (they don’t happen often) roll up the sleeves and just get on with it, my goal is usually a glass of wine or a cup or tea with of course some beloved chocolate so I aim for that.

Always remember to smile and make eye contact, be as friendly and helpful as you can be.

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