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Gold Solutions Plating are suppliers of electroplating and electroforming kits, precious metal plating solutions, and plating accessories to industry and home users.

Our clients include jewellers, makers, creatives, and entrepreneurs who have set up successful plating services with our products and advice, enabling them to create and customize a huge range of everyday items to create something truly memorable.

From hobbyists to companies with a large plating workload, and everything in between - we pride ourselves on equipping all of our customers with high-quality products tailored to their specific needs, and the confidence to use them effectively to produce commercial-quality results.

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Hello! We are Paul and Kirsty, owners of Gold Solutions Plating. Our business was founded in 2007 and is based in South East England.

Paul is an experienced electroplater and has worked on many projects over the years, enabling him to offer a wealth of technical advice on most areas of plating. Alongside this, he takes a large role in the development of our products and the delivery of our 1-1 aftercare service which is included with the purchase of many of our kits.

Kirsty is qualified in product design and is a former teacher. She manages many aspects of the day-to-day running of the business and enjoys experimenting with new and creative ways to put our products to the test, enabling us to continually refine our expertise.

Why not take a look at our website and please do get in touch with any questions - happy plating everyone!

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Learn from your customers - we enjoy bringing a personal touch to our business and have benefited greatly over the years from listening to feedback from our customers. We've been able to refine our products and our aftercare service to ensure that we are providing the products that they want, and are answering the questions that they are asking!

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