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Grow your audience with story-driven, photography, video & 360 virtual tours with an on-brand library of visual content to showcase your business & generate leads

Award-winning Commercial Photographer for Professionals



  • Increase your market presence & awareness among your clients
  • Increase engagement with your clients on social media
  • Supporting the client's marketing and sales journey
  • Support the growth & profitability of your business


  • Storytelling brand photography & video to showcase your business
  • 360 Virtual tours & photography
  • Headshots that are on-brand & appeal to your ideal clients
  • eCommerce Photography to show your products in the best light
  • Create a Library of visual content for your social media marketing strategy
  • Video interviews & corporate video
  • Social Media Assistance – Support & advice for using your visual content
  • 1-1 Confidence on camera “Live” Video coaching


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Service business owners
  • Product businesses
  • Retail businesses
  • Online influencers
  • Performing Artists
  • Specialist coaches & wellness industry professionals


Get in touch if you’re interested in how commercial photography & video can help grow your business or like to expand your network.

My Bio

I’m Graham, founder of Graham Baker Photography. I provide professionals and businesses with on-brand Commercial Photography & video to support their marketing goals. However, I never set out to run my own business.

In 2009 was a serving police officer. Life was good until we lost our baby daughter during childbirth. As you can imagine, this turned our world upside down. It felt like I’d lost my purpose.

However, something that brought me comfort was my love of photography. The creativity of photography gave me something positive to focus on during the bereavement. As it still does today. Eventually, more and more people asked me to photograph various projects, and my business grew organically.

I take comfort that out of something terrible, I was able to create something positive.

In recent years I worked with and discovered many brilliant businesses. Yet they weren’t being seen by the people needing their products or services, even though they were often better than their competition. I’d found purpose again!

I wanted to help all those businesses & professionals that are great at what they do to stand out and get seen by the right people by creating stunning visual content with photography and video to market their offerings. as I like to say:

I help my clients get from behind their businesses to in front of their brands!



Charity Ambassador & Peer Support Volunteer for StrongMen. A men's mental health charity - Tackling emotional & mental health issues directly related to bereavement. Read my StrongMen story.