My Buzz

Since our #SBS success our twitter account activity has been non stop. Have had some fabulous messages of encouragement and congratulation and many more followers. Our potential market has been opened to areas we could not have reached in such a very short time. As a very small business it is easy to feel isolated and now feel part of a fellowship of other winners. Can't wait to see the results in the future.

My Bio

We (Jean Allen & Amanda Stansfield) bought the business just over 12 months ago. The product and production were already established, award winning and of a very high quality but it was not being run to its full potential and so over the last 12 months we have directed our efforts into marketing and giving a personal customer service that we believe to be unbeatable. In our first year we have taken our regular customer list from 18 to over 70 and rising.
Amanda has a background in accounting and I have a background in teaching and marketing and probably most importantly a friendship based on 10 years of working together, honesty, trust and great senses of humour.

My Business Tips

Tips would be to be prepared to work very hard, physically and mentally.
Have the courage of your convictions but be prepared to be flexible if situations require it.
Be prepared for things to cost more than you think and take longer than you think.
Strive for the best quality products and treat all customers as though they are your best.

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