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13 February 2011 we were one of the winners and our blog about Backing British Business was re twitted to his 90700 followers.

He is a very well respected business man so being retweeted by him is great for business exposure.

Of his 90700 followers I would think that about 80% of followers are people who run or manage business.

This means that we got great business 2 business "advertising".

The interesting fact was the amount of traffic to our blog, ie 170 reads of the blog with in 2 hours.

As the tweet that he re tweeted was re tweeted by others our blog would have hit over 100000 twitter accounts.

So if you think about it having your message hitting over 100000 people of which most will be business owners or managers for FREE is a great result.

Now this is why you may be missing out on twitter marketing if you are not using it.

Most of all thank you Theo Paphitis for re tweeting our blog.

My Bio

Set up in 1998,with Liz my wife, Graphic Results offer graphic design, web design, marketing and printing. We work with clients from start-up's,SME's to major PLC's, from the private sector and public sector.

Running a business and balancing family life with the children ( Jack and Lucy) can be interesting, fun and rewarding.

My Business Tips

Well we all know it has been very bad out there. Times have been very tough. We all agree with that.

However in my opinion the media have talked us all into a downward spiral. All we hear are bad news stories. There are some great good news stories out there but the fact is that good news does not sell newspapers.

So it's so important to make sure that your business stands out, as those who can ride the store will be well positioned when the business recovers. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you ride the storm.

First of all don't let the suits kill your business. What I mean by that are people like your accountant, your bank manager by suggesting that you cut back on your marketing and advertising. At times like this you need to market your business harder so that it SHOUTS louder. Cutting back on your marketing will have an instant saving on your bottom line but this will have long term consequences on your business.

If your competitors follow the suits advice and cut back on their marketing then they will start to whisper. When the market starts to recover your business will be in a SHOUTING louder than your competitors.
This will mean that your business will reap the long term rewards and win more business.

So here are a few ideas to help make your marketing spend work harder.

Recovery Checklist

First of all take some time out of your business to review what you are doing with your marketing spend.

Ask yourself some questions like:-

1. When did you last review your marketing material or your website?

2. Does your logo look like it's past it's sell by date?

3. Is your brand or message that your business portrays strong, professional and consistent?

4. Do your customers realise all the services and products you offer?

5. Are you communicating frequently with your customers? i.e do you send out newsletters or your latest offers?

6. Do you go networking both physical ie like or use the power of social media like etc.

When you have taken a bit of time out and reviewed your marketing then make a plan of "who you want to target, when you are going to do it and with what".

We have many cost effective, creative design and print solutions we know that will work for you.

Don't think of good design and print as a cost look at it as an investment.

Try the shoe leather challenge...

Think of a couple of offers that may appeal to new customers, ie 25% off with this leaflet or buy 1 get 1 free.
Then let us use our skills to design and produce some great leaflets.

Round up some family and friends and then go for a walk on a Sunday putting your new leaflets through local letterboxes.

Why Sunday you ask? How much mail do you get on a Sunday? Exactly! People are more likely to pick up your leaflet and read it, as you're not competing with other mail.

So lets look at the shoe leather challenge as investment... if the leaflets cost say £149.00 to design and print for 5000 leaflets and you run a Gastro Pub business for example you would not need to get too many new customers through the door to cover the cost.

So if you need help to do a marketing review then give us a call and see what we can do for YOU.

P.S Please remember R is for recovery and not recession.

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