My Buzz

The #SBS win has been amazing for my business and the support from fellow #SBS Winners has been truly remarkable. I Have met so many cyclists that have really supported each step of my design ideas and provide useful feedback. I'm really looking forward to everything it brings in the future

My Bio

I am a single mum based in Newquay, Cornwall, where I have lived for over 18 years. I have always had a creative background and an enthusiasm for all types of art.
I started out with sewing all the common items, such as bunting and cushion covers etc but felt that nothing really stood out from the other craft stalls, as well as there being very few gifts out there for men. So I set about recycling bike parts into gift ideas. These ideas have since grown to become an interest for men, women and children.
The business has been built up from scratch on a very small budget. The idea behind the business has always been to provide handmade gifts at affordable prices with a little bit of "quirky" thrown in.

My Business Tips

Never stop trying to achieve your goals.
Everything starts from one tiny idea, one first sale and with enough passion and perseverence it just grows. Social media has become very visual and more and more followers would rather see great photos than reading a lot of blurb.
For me it is just about having the support and planning to move forward. You can start your business on the smallest of budgets and with time you can make the ideas grow until you are able to make your ideas come to life. It really is that simple.

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