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Greenbeanco is part of a Young Enterprise scheme. Young Enterprise is a competition that encourages young people throughout the UK to build a team and develop a company that produces a product or delivers a service that is innovative and exciting. This involves promoting the product, going to trade fayres, raising money and presenting the business to the judges at the competition.

Our product is not just a ‘grow your own’ vegetable kit. We have combined the nutrients in peat free soil with recycled coffee grounds to make a more eco-friendly soil for our herbs to grow in. Adding coffee grounds to soil brings down the cost, as we use a 3:1 ratio of coffee to soil, whilst still keeping all the same nutrients as pure soil but not stunting the growth time. Everything you need for growing your own organic herbs are included in the kit, all you have to do is plant the seeds in the soil and water frequently to achieve great looking and tasting organic herbs.

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