My Buzz

As soon as I saw the Retweet from Mr Paphitis, my Twitter account went crazy and the hits on our website more than doubled in just minutes. I feel honoured to have been given a 'pat on the back' by such a renowned business man. I have no doubt this will raise our company profile significantly and I feel privileged to be a part of the SBS supportive family.

My Bio

After many years as a contract manager in the nuclear industry, I took a career break to have a family. My husband Gary, who is a toolmaker by trade with nearly 30 years experience, set up GWR Fasteners in 2009 as a standard fasteners distributor. The company grew more than 100% in its first three years. I came in to the business at the beginning of 2012 with the aim of concentrating on the company's PR and marketing. My role has expanded into business development, business planning, branding and website development. I'm also responsible for our unique GWR Colourfast® range, we offer coloured stainless steel fasteners.

Although we've had access to machinery since 2010 and an existing customer base, in 2013, we took delivery of two CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Machines and we now manufacture special fasteners and precision components and ship to all over the world. This part of our business is growing at an astonishing rate with our in-bound marketing strategy. Having our own CNC machinery has been a major milestone for our company and one which took 5 years to reach.

In my private life, as well as bringing up our family, I love to paint and draw and have exhibited and sold my artwork in the UK. I'm an avid reader and baker, and I'm also heavily involved with our local rural school and community.

My Business Tips

Be clear of how you want your business to run and stick to your guns. If you feel something is fundamental to your business success, don't be swayed into changing your mind.

I'm a big believer in things happen for a reason and this applies in business too.

If you have staff like we do, make sure you all laugh at least once (if not more) everyday. It makes for a happy atmosphere and a productive environment. Work has got to be pleasurable otherwise why do it?

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