My Buzz

Tell us how #SBS has affected your business
increased our Twitter following. increased interest in our products. increased sales. highlighted social media requirement. interest in cider matters.

My Bio

I've been making traditional Somerset Cider on our farm in Long Sutton, South Somerset for a number of years and I produce a range of easy drinking, natural ciders.
What started out as a hobby and a keen interest in cider soon became a business. I took advantage of the surplus fruit from my fathers 18 acre orchard and started to produce a small quantity of cider. A lot of product development, 'tasting', and careful blending of varieties went into the process of getting my cider exactly how I wanted it.
Since my son has joined us in September he has added another dimension to the company.

My Business Tips

- Be Honest
- Invest wisely
- Research and development
- Build a business plan
- Take advice when you need it
- Listen, look and learn
- Respond to market conditions/trends
- SWOT analysis

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