My Buzz

My driving force centres around a core value of giving back and witnessing the growth and flourishing of individuals and communities. With a solid background in HR and coaching, I've consistently directed my efforts towards creating environments where people can thrive and reach their full potential.

Whether collaborating with various organisations or contributing as a mentor and advisor, my focus is always on fostering growth. As someone deeply committed to making a positive impact, I find fulfilment in empowering individuals to excel in their goals and supporting organisations in their journey towards success.

This commitment extends across different facets of my life. Whether through my radio show, community volunteering activities, or personal hobbies.  I aim to inspire and encourage others to explore their potential and embrace opportunities for growth.

My Bio

Hi, I'm Rachel Collar - the Founder of Haus of HR and Haus of Coaching.

I'm an experienced HR professional with a background in HR leadership, a Chartered Fellow of CIPD, and ILM 7 certified in Executive Coaching.

With over 24 years in HR, leading strategies and programmes globally, from manufacturing to IT outsourcing. I've held a number of leadership roles including at Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

Also, I'm a Trustee at Trilogy Active, and a Non-Executive Director for Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes Chambers of Commerce.

In my spare time, I'm a mentor for the CIPD and Natwest Accelerator Programme, and presenter of 'HR Rocks' on Stony Radio.

Outside of work I love geocaching, mountain biking, Tai Chi, Pilates, and I'm a proud fur baby parent to Buddy, the Chief Happiness Officer at Haus of HR.

I'm based in Towcester, Northamptonshire living in a motorsport-filled home near Silverstone.

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My Business Tips

Visit the Haus of HR Hub here for lots of FREE HR resources for business owners.

Our latest free guides include:

- Absence Management

- HR Checklist

- Improving Employees' Mental Health and Wellbeing

- Employee Retention

- Essential Guide to Employer Branding

My Latest Offers

At Haus of HR we know that recruitment can be a challenging journey, so we offer businesses a FREE recruitment audit with us to receive personalised feedback on your current approach - providing feedback on how you may be able to recruit more effectively. Get in touch here.