My Buzz

We're absolutely thrilled of our #SBS win! We've got lots of new followers on Twitter and lots of well wishes especially from the previous #SBS winners - this makes us feel very welcome to the #SBS family. Our website has had very heavy traffic tonight which is fantastic. So everything has been absolutely great so far - thank you so much!

My Bio

I've held various positions from teaching German and French from primary school to A-levels to office jobs like perfume production planning. Whilst I was on maternity leave, I decided to turn my passion and hobby of shopping Nordic baby clothes into business! Hei Moose is almost like a second child to me! I'm originally from Finland, but have lived here now for 8 years.

My Business Tips

Choose a field you enjoy - better even, love - and your passion will show! Believe in yourself and your business idea as it rarely happens overnight, but it's worth all the hard work when you get to be your own boss and do something you love and enjoy! Good luck x

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