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My Bio

I was almost born in a removal lorry - true fact!

My grandfather started a removal business with a horse and cart, many many years ago. This passed onto my father and uncle and now my brothers enjoy running a successful removal company.

I married into the military 26 years ago and we have moved home 17 times... so far!

Moving really is in my blood.

I have successfully brought up 3 children, with the help of my husband, when he could be here (military spouses will know what I mean). Now they have grown I wanted to do something to make them and my husband proud. After being asked so many times to help with moving advice, I decided to put it all together in a booklet.. ta dah ... my Step-By-Step guide to moving home!

I am now looking to market it to companies to help their customers. For each sale I donate a % to a charity supporting our homeless veterans.

My Business Tips

I'm new to this - My first business. But I was always told to do what you love. Your passion will show in your success!

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