My Bio

I’m Helen. I’m an English teacher and children’s author specialising in writing about ponies and poochies.

I help aspiring writers develop confidence and skill in plotting and structuring effective narratives through sharing the process that’s allowed me to write and publish nine books in two years, whilst also working as a teacher.

As a writer myself, I’ve experienced the loneliness, uncertainty and mind blocks that often plague writers of all levels and can cause them to give up on their story. But those things are in the past now that I’ve discovered a planning method that gets a story into shape before a word is written.

When you join my writing coaching course, we will work together to discover the story you want to tell and bring it to life. With 20 years experience of teaching English and nine published children’s books, including a best-seller, I’m there to give you the guidance and support that will allow you to write that book you’ve always dreamed of writing.

Instead of struggling against the dreaded blank page, you’ll be motivated, energised and filled with a positive mind-set, allowing your words and ideas to flow freely. A writer is born!

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