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My followers increased by over 150 within less than 24 hours after @theopaphitis retweeted, introducing our traditional craft to the masses, thanks so much. Look forward to more business and making more and more connections.

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Back in 2010, Mike Turnock wanted to retire after making riddles and sieves for over fifty years, but there was no one interested in taking over this small traditional craft business. That was until Damien Bramhall saw a feature in a local paper detailing Mike's struggle to find a successor. Damien went to visit Mike and it was like stepping back 30 years. As a child Damien used to visit the factory with his dad. After a number of meetings a deal was struck and in September 2010 Damien took over at Hill and Sons. Within a month Damien took on his first employee Jason Sollinger, after just a few months Jason became a partner in the business. After about two years of one set back after another, Hills are now supplying the likes of the RHS, aswell as a number of the UK's top 100 garden centres and online retailers, thanks to all at JDAgencyLtd for your help. In 2012 the garden accessories range was introduced....all made from excess beech from the riddle and sieve making process.

My Business Tips

If at first you don't succeed, try try try and keep trying. Don't ever listen to Jason Sollinger when he says who would want a pink's a pleasure working with someone who puts so much trust in me and who works so hard.

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