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Website sales are up and we have had press coverage in several national publications.

My Bio

Home Front Vintage makes gifts and accessories from genuine ‘escape and evasion' silk maps from WW2 and the 1950s. Soldiers carried these maps inside their uniforms in case they needed to escape from enemy territory.

Everything we make is made from a piece of genuine escape and evade map. Each piece is unique depending on the part of the map that we use; many of the maps we have are damaged so we carefully use the undamaged parts to make our gifts and accessories. All our products are gift boxed in recycled packaging and come with an envelope containing information on the history and provenance of the maps.

I want the story of these maps and the people who used them to continue. My aim is to preserve the integrity and history of the maps but make them relevant to today so that their story will survive.

My Business Tips

Home Front Vintage found a niche product to market and sell. Our USP is that all our gifts are remade from genuine 'escape and evade' silk maps used by the military in WW2 and the Cold War. These are upcycled into high quality gifts and accessories for people who value British heritage and provenance.

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