My Bio

I worked in corporate finance for many years and being at home again with a baby as a new Mum after already having teenage boys essentially was daunting at first and quite lonely as my group of friends had teenagers like myself. I found myself staying at home as that's where I felt comfort and no one could judge how I looked or if I was still in pj's in the afternoon!
I was tagged in a post on Instagram one day by a friend who saw some handmade clothing, she thought I would like as I love fashion and well you can imagine having a girl after two boys I went a little crazy! I loved what I saw and I was instantly welcomed into the Instagram community. I’m sure like many thousand other people I only used it to post pics and didn’t even know half of these fab shops and pages existed! I came across some wonderful handmade things and clothing and I was hooked.
My daughter became a rep for some of our favourite shops and I met some pretty amazing and inspiring Mums some I still haven't met yet but I speak to more than my own friends! On one of my many costa visits I saw a chunky blanket but didn’t like the price tag nor the fact it wasn’t decent quality. So I bought some Merino and needles and voila created my first item. Friends liked it and they suggested setting up my page and from there that’s how House of Merino became a reality

My Business Tips

Ensure you understand your customers and market trends

Enagage with your audience

Be unique and different

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